Digitising Anti-Racist & Anti-Imperialist Teaching Amidst COVID-19

I was an invited speaker at the webinar “Digitising Anti-Racist & Anti-Imperialist Teaching Amidst COVID-19” organized by University of Oxford, UK. The webinar video is here, check it out! article we wrote related to the event can be found here:

Decolonizing Development Education and the Pursuit of Social Justice

My new article in the journal Human Geography is out! It’s a wide-ranging theoretical piece that takes on higher education, pedagogy, praxis, colonialism, international development & social justice. Access it here:

Princeton Environmental Forum

I’m speaking at the Princeton Environmental Forum at Princeton University on Oct 24-25, 2019: Here’s my podcast that was recorded in relation to this event: The Princeton University news article about this is here:

Awarded the 2019 Glenda Laws Award

I am honored to receive the 2019 Glenda Laws Award! The Glenda Laws Award is administered by the American Association of Geographers and endorsed by members of the Institute of Australian Geographers, the Canadian Association of Geographers, and the Institute of British Geographers. The annual award and honorarium recognize outstanding contributions to geographic research on

Exploring Urbanization: Events, Resources, Risks, And Movements

I’ll be delivering a Keynote Lecture at a 2-day workshop Exploring Urbanization: Events, Resources, Risks, And Movements at Wageningen University (Netherlands), 18-19 June 2018 . Check out details here!

The false equivalence of academic freedom and free speech

Open-Access article out now! Farhana Sultana (2018) “The false equivalence of academic freedom and free speech: Defending academic integrity in the age of white supremacy, colonial nostalgia, and anti-intellectualism” ACME: An International Journal for Critical Geographies 17 (2), 228-57. It can be download from the journal site here

Racism in Academia

I organized and co-wrote a piece about racism in academia that was signed by a large collective of women of color faculty in the US. Check it out! A Collective Response to Racism in Academia

Polson Symposium

Presenting at two panels of the 2018 Polson Symposium on ‘Bridging Science and Policy in the Sustainable Development Era’ at Cornell University that involved participants from various UN agencies, donors, think tanks, and academia, on May 11, 2018. Details here:

Water Justice

New article published after many months of delays by the publisher! Farhana Sultana (2018) “Water justice: why it matters and how to achieve it” Water International DOI: 10.1080/02508060.2018.1458272

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