Eating, Drinking: Surviving

Eating, Drinking: Surviving – This open-access book addresses the global challenges of food and water security in a rapidly changing and complex world.

The essays highlight the links between biophysical and socio-cultural processes, making connections between local and global scales, and focusing on the everyday practices of eating and drinking, essential for human survival. Written by international experts, each contribution is research-based but accessible to the general public.

Eating, Drinking: Surviving contains 11 chapters written by 13 academics and a Foreword by Benno Werlen. The book is part of the International Year of Global Understanding (IYGU) series.

Further information and downloadable chapters are available at the publisher’s website.

It is one of the highest downloaded e-books of the publisher Springer.

Book review:

Górna A.2017, Hungarian Geographical Bulletin 66(1): 81-84. (online)

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