I am frequently invited to deliver keynote lectures and speeches on a range of topics at institutions and universities around the world. Below are some of them.

Keynote Speaker on Decolonizing Academia, SUNY New Paltz, 2018

Invited Lectures

2021, Hofstra University, USA: Keynote Speaker, “Why Geography Matters” Induction Ceremony of the Gamma Theta Upsilon Geographical Honor Society, Hempstead, NY, 12 April.

2021, Colorado State University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Whose Water is it? Environmental Justice and Water Privatization” Center for Environmental Justice & Colorado Water Center, Fort Collins, CO, 19 April.

2020, Yale University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Ethics and Politics of International Field Research” Yale School of the Environment Community Conversations, New Haven, CT, 2 December.

2020, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands: Invited Speaker, “Decolonising Europe in International Politics” Amsterdam Centre for European Studies, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2 December.

2020, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ: Keynote Speaker, “Climate Change, COVID-19 and the Co-production of Injustices: A Feminist Reading of Overlapping Crises” New Zealand Geographical Society Conference, Wellington, NZ, 26 November.

2020, Inspired Minds, UK: Invited Speaker, “Ten Years to 2030 – What is The Global Starting Point for the Climate Countdown?” World Summit AI, London, UK, 24 November.

2020, Social Science Research Council (SSRC), USA: Invited Speaker, “Ethics and Praxis of Collaboration in Environmental Research And Beyond” Transregional Planning Grants Development Workshop Series, New York, NY, 16 November.

2020, Clarkson University, USA: Fourth Annual Distinguished Hopke Lecture, “Global Water Crises and How We Can Envision Just & Sustainable Futures” Institute for Sustainable Environment, Clarkson, NY, 28 October.

2020, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland: Invited Speaker, “Intersectionality and Climate justice: Towards an Emancipatory Climate Research Agenda” Center for Climate Justice, Glasgow, Scotland, 30 September.

2020, Karachi Urban Lab, Pakistan: Invited Speaker, “Climate Change, Cities and Violence in the Time of Covid-19: Perspectives from South Asia” Climate Change and Urban Violence Global Engagement Network (CCUVN), Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi, Pakistan, 24 June.

2020, Oxford University, UK: Invited Speaker, “Digitising Anti-Racist & Anti-Imperialist Teaching Amidst COVID-19” School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford, UK, 20 April.

2020, Princeton University, USA: Invited Speaker, Environmental Humanities Lecture, 12 April (Cancelled due to COVID-19)

2019, Princeton University, USA: Invited Speaker, ‘Drought and Deluge: How Shifts in the Water Cycle Are Impacting the Environment and Society’ Princeton Environmental Forum. Princeton Environmental Institute, Princeton, NJ, 24-25 October.

2019, Carnegie Mellon University, USA: Keynote Speaker “Human Right to Water and Water Justice” Humanities Center Public Lecture Series, Pittsburg, PA, 25 September.

2019, University of Toronto, Canada: The Inaugural Keynote Speaker “Decolonizing Development and the Pursuit of Social Justice” Inaugural Lecture for Critical Hope: Acting in a Challenging World, Centre for Critical Development Studies, Scarborough, ON, 14 March.

2018, Wageningen University, Netherlands: Keynote Speaker “Urban Water Politics: Towards Emancipatory Governance and Social Justice” Exploring Urbanization: Events, Resources And Movements, Wageningen, Netherlands, 18-19 June.

2018, Cornell University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Critical Questions for Policy Engagement: Accountability, Representation, and Power” and “New Openings and Next Steps: Advancing Science and Policy for Sustainable, Equitable Change” Polson Symposium on Bridging Science and Policy in the Sustainable Development Era, Polson Institute, Ithaca, NY 11 May.

2018, SUNY-New Paltz, USA: Keynote Speaker, “Decolonizing Academia: On Responsibility, Accountability, and Ethics in Academic Publishing” Whose Free Speech? New Paltz, NY, 20 April.

2018, University of Kentucky, USA: The Annual Keynote Speaker, “Fluid Citizens: Embodiments and Intersectionalities in Constructing Urban Citizenship Through Water” Dimensions of Political Ecology Annual Conference, Lexington KY, 22-24 February.

2018, University of Victoria, Canada: Keynote Speaker, Contemporary Controversies: Diversity, Freedom of Speech, and the University. Workshop of the Taskforce on Knowledge and Place in the Humanities, Victoria, Canada, 5-6 February.

2017, York University, Canada: Invited Speaker, Mediating (Im)Materialities: A Workshop on the Methods and Methodologies of Natural Resource Industries Fieldwork, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Toronto, Canada, December 13-15.

2017, Rutgers University, USA: The New Geographical Thought Speaker “Politics and Power in Water Governance: Citizenship Struggles of the Urban Poor in the Global South”, Department of Geography, New Brunswick, NJ, 28 April.

2017, Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican City: Keynote Speaker, “The Human Right to Water, Gender Justice, and Sustainable Development: Exploring Connections and Possibilities” International Workshop ‘Human right to water: An interdisciplinary focus and contributions on the central role of public policies in water and sanitation management’ Casina Pio IV, Vatican City, Italy, 23-24 February.

2017, Independent University, Bangladesh: Invited Speaker, “Social Dimensions ff Climate Change – Understanding Climate Research More Comprehensively” International Center for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) Seminar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 14 February.

2016, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, USA: Keynote Speaker, “Water Justice” Imagine What’s Next (NEXT16), Atlanta, GA, 4-6 November.

2016, Seba Library, USA: Invited speaker, “Water, Climate Change, and Development in Bangladesh” Atlanta, GA, 5 November.

2016, State University of New York (SUNY) Oswego, USA: Invited Speaker, “Laboring for Water, Laboring for Life”, Feinberg Family Fund Speaker Series, Oswego, NY, 26 October.

2016, Pennsylvania State University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Gender and Water”, Gender, Agriculture and Environment Initiative (GAEI) Inaugural Symposium, College of Agricultural Sciences Office of Research and Graduate Education, State College, PA, 6-7 June.

2016, University of Helsinki, Finland: Keynote Speaker, “Environmental Vulnerabilities in the Globalizing World: How to Adapt and Manage Change?” Helsinki University Centre for Environment, Finland, 9-11 May.

2015, Turkish Cultural Center, USA: Invited Speaker, “Understanding the Global Water Crisis” Turkish Coffee Night Lecture Series, Syracuse, NY, 19 November.

2015, University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA: Invited Speaker, “Climate Change and Human Rights: Mitigation, Adaptation and Vulnerable Communities” New Politics of Human Rights, University of Wisconsin Law School, Madison, WI, 5-7 November.

2015, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, USA: Invited Speaker, “Ecology” Prophetic Voice and Making Peace: Theological Reflection on United Methodist Collegiate Ministries, Hendricks Chapel, Syracuse, NY, 10-15 August.

2015, Cornell University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Water and Citizenship: Politics of Development and Democracy in Water Governance in the Global South” Seminar Series, Development Sociology Department, Ithaca, NY, 10 April.

2015, University of Minnesota, USA: Invited Speaker, “Water Access, Equity and Resilience in the Global South” International Center for the study of Global Change (ICGC) Roundtable, Minneapolis, MN, 3 April.

2015, Syracuse University, USA: World Water Week Speaker, “The Right to Water and Water Justice”, Syracuse, NY, 26 March.

2014, Harvard University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Urban water crises, informal settlements, and water for the urban poor” From SAARC to Slums: Urban Water Challenges in South Asia, South Asia Institute Annual Symposium, Cambridge, MA, 24-25 April.

2014, Tufts University, USA: The World Water Day Speaker, “Gender, Water and Citizenship: Politics of Development and Democracy in Water Governance in the Global South”, Tufts University, Boston, MA, 11 March.

2013, Middlebury College, USA: Invited Speaker, “Gendering climate, gendering justice” Research Colloquium, Department of Geography, Program in Environmental Studies, Franklin Environmental Center, & Program on Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Middlebury, VT, 4 October.

2013, Clark University, USA: The Keynote Speaker, “Gendering water, earth and sky: Feminist political ecologies of climate change” Nature-Society Geography Workshop, Department of Geography, Worcester, MA, 27 September.

2013, Vanderbilt University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Climate change as hydro-social change: Rethinking Water Crises in the Global South” Research Colloquium, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vanderbilt Institute for Energy and the Environment, & Program in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Nashville, TN, 6 September.

2013, Yale University, USA: Invited Speaker, “The Social Impacts of Changing Water Patterns”, Water: The Looming Crises, Yale Climate & Energy Institute, New Haven, CT, 4-5 April.

2013, SUNY School of Environmental Sciences and Forestry, USA: Invited Speaker, “Social and Policy implications of Drinking Water Contamination in Asia”, Cross-Disciplinary Seminar in Hydrological and Biogeochemical Processes, SUNY-ESF, Syracuse, NY, 5 February.

2012, Harvard University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Human Right to Water versus Water Rights: Ownership and Rights as Contested and Negotiated Terms”, The Human Rights to Water & Sanitation: From Theory to Practice, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Cambridge, MA, 7-8 December.

2012, University of Oklahoma, USA: Invited Speaker, “Gender, Water and the Politics of Development: Rethinking Social Justice and Citizenship in the Global South”, Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, Norman, OK, 17 September.

2012, Faculty Convocation Speaker: “Making a Difference”, College of Arts and Sciences, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, 13 May.

2012, The Transatlantic Academy, USA: Invited Speaker, “Climate Change and Water Management: Policy Options for the Future” Climate, Resource Security, and the Struggle for Water and Land, Washington, D.C., 12 January.

2011, University of Maryland at Baltimore, USA: The Fourth Annual Joan S. Korenman Lecture Speaker, “Negotiating Contaminated Identities: Gender, Water, and Development in Altered Waterscapes” Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, Baltimore, MD, 16 March.

2010, University of Bristol, UK: Keynote Speaker, “Negotiating Rights, Experiencing Development, Managing Water: Gender-Water-Development Nexus in a Changing World” ESRC Workshop on Feminism and Futurity: New Times, New Spaces, Department of Geography, Bristol, UK, 3 December.

2010, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK: Invited Speaker, “Contaminated Identities, Polluted Waters, and Disrupted Development” Research Seminar Series, Geography Department, Egham, UK, 30 November.

2010, University of Minnesota, USA: Plenary Speaker “Water Struggles in a Changing World” International Research Workshop on Struggling for water: Dams, Pipes and Urban-Rural Transformations in the Global South, Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (ICGC), Minneapolis, MN, 14-15 November.

2010, University of Delaware, USA: Invited Speaker, “Poisoned Waters: The Making and Unmaking of a Public Health Success Story in Bangladesh” Research Seminar Series, Departments of Geography, Geology, Women’s Studies, & Delaware Environment Institute, Newark, DL, 23 September.

2010, University of Buffalo, USA: Keynote Speaker, “Gendered Waters: Negotiating and Experiencing the Contradictions of Nature and Society in the Development Process” Gender Across Borders IV: Gender and Globalisms Conference, Buffalo, NY, 2-3 April.

2010, Colgate University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Watery Worlds: Power, Politics and Socio-ecological Transformations in South Asia” Brown Bag Lecture Series, Environmental Studies Program, Hamilton, NY, 5 March.

2009, University of Vermont, USA: Invited Speaker, “Gender, Participation and Community: Rethinking Development in Contentious Waterscapes” Research Seminar Series, Departments of Geography, Global Studies, & Women’s Studies, Burlington, VT, 1 December.

2009, Cornell University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Of Purity and Pollution: Watery Geographies of Development in the Bengal Delta” South Asia Program Lecture Series, Ithaca, NY, 2 November.

2009, International Center of Syracuse, USA: Invited Speaker, “Dammed Rivers, Damned Lives:  Water and Politics in South Asia” Global Lecture Series, Syracuse, NY, 16 October.

2009, Community Folk Art Center of Syracuse, USA: Invited Speaker, “Brick Lane: A Transnational Feminist Critique” Film Critique and Discussion, Syracuse, NY, 14 March.

2008, Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey: Invited Speaker, “Transboundary River Disputes and Implications for Sustainable Development: The Case of the Ganges River in South Asia” International Seminar Series, Department of International Relations, Istanbul, Turkey, 5 May.

2008, Action Against Hunger, UK: Invited Speaker, “Water and HIV: Working for Positive Solutions” World Water Day Seminar, Action Against Hunger & King’s College London, London, UK, 19 March.

2007, Tropical Agriculture Association, UK: Invited Speaker, “Social Dynamics of Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water: Issues for Policymakers” Arsenic Seminar, London, UK, 24 October.

2007, Royal Geographical Society, UK: Plenary Speaker, “Sustainability: A Post-Mortem?” Annual Conference of the Royal Geographical Society & Institute of British Geographers, London, UK, 31 August.

2007, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh: Invited Speaker, “Development and Wellbeing” Discussion Seminar, Department of Sociology, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 7 July.

2006, University of Manchester, UK: Invited Speaker, “Political Ecology of Water: Gender, Arsenic, and Development in Bangladesh” Research Seminar Series, Department of Geography, Manchester, UK, 10 May.

2006, University of Oxford, UK: Invited Speaker, “Watery Discourses: Community and Participation in Water Resources Management” Research Seminar Series, Oxford Centre for Water Research, Oxford, UK, 26 April.

2005, Rotary International, Bangladesh: Invited Speaker, “Water and Development” Speaker Series, Rotary Club of Dhaka Central, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 14 June.

2002, University of Minnesota, USA: Invited Speaker, “Working in the Field: Perspectives from Managing the Largest Environment Program of UNDP in Bangladesh” MacArthur Brown Bag Research Seminar Series, Minneapolis, MN, 21 February.