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Articles and Interviews About My Work
In the News
Videos and Audio Recordings

Articles and Interviews About My Work

Engagements with media outlets and across other platforms regarding my research and scholar-activism enables me to disseminate information relating to issues I care about.

In the News

Videos and Audio Recordings

More videos of my talks are available on my YouTube channel.

‘The Unbearable Heaviness of Climate Coloniality’ AAG Political Geography Plenary Lecture (video):

‘Climate Change and Labor: Media Landscape’ Pulitzer Center, USA (video):

‘Climate Justice, Water Governance, and Feminist Scholarship’ Regional Studies Association (video):

‘Meet Authors of the U.N. Report on Global Warming Impacts, Vulnerability and Adaptation’ Columbia Climate School, USA (video):

The Ecopolitics Podcast: ‘Resources, Populations and the Global Environment: A Case Study in Water:

‘Global Inequities and Climate Change: What a Feminist Climate Justice Approach Teaches Us’ University of Oklahoma, USA (video):

‘Critical Climate Justice’ Brown University, USA (video):

‘Climate Change, COVID-19 and the Co-production of Injustices’ Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain (video):

‘Ten years to 2030 – what is the global starting point for the climate countdown?’ inspired Minds headliner panel on climate change, World Summit AI, UK (video):

‘Race, Space and the Environment’ Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Studies with Syracuse University Newhouse School of Journalism, South Africa/USA (video):

‘Whose Water is it? Environmental injustice and water privatization’ Colorado State University, USA (video):

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