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Syracuse University
King’s College London
University of Minnesota
Princeton University
Guest Lectures
Field Course Photos

Syracuse University

Department of Geography and the Environment (2008-present)

Undergraduate Courses

  1. Climate Justice
  2. Environment and Development in the Global South
  3. Gendered Geographies of Development and Globalization [Cross-listed course across Geography and Women’s & Gender Studies Departments]
  4. Gender in a Globalizing World [Cross-listed course across Geography, Anthropology, Women’s & Gender Studies Departments]
  5. Geographies of Water
  6. Water: Environment, Society and Politics
  7. Senior Seminar in Geography

Graduate Courses

  1. Research Design in Geography
  2. Development and Sustainability
  3. Seminar in Political Ecology
  4. Nature, Culture, Politics
  5. Geographies of Water
  6. Water: Environment, Society and Politics
  7. International Relations Masters Capstone – Field Research in Development, Bangladesh
  8. Additional Graduate Teaching PhD Independent Study: Topics included in the past such as Natural Hazards, Gender, and Development; Hazardous Geographies; Feminist Geography and Methodologies; Feminist Geography and Feminist Political Ecology; Feminist Geography | MA Independent Study: Topics included in the past such as Gender and Globalization; Water Governance | MA Applied Capstone Project, International Relations Program: Field Research in Development - Bangladesh | Executive Education Program, Maxwell School: Government Accountability Office (GAO), USA; Forest Service (IFS), India

King’s College London

Department of Geography (2006-2008)

Undergraduate Courses

  1. Global Environmental Issues
  2. Development Geographies: Policies and Contexts
  3. Gendered Geographies of Development and Globalization
  4. Researching Geography
  5. Field Methods in Human Geography
  6. Directed Readings

Graduate Courses

  1. Development and Environmentalism in the South
  2. Environment, Livelihoods and Development in the South
  3. Practicing Social Research II

University of Minnesota

Department of Geography (2002-2004)

Undergraduate Course

  1. Introduction to Human Geography (Teaching Assistant)
  2. Senior Honors Program in Global Issues (Teaching Assistant)

Princeton University

Department of Geosciences (1994-1995)

Undergraduate Courses

  1. Engineering and Environmental Geology (Lab Teaching Assistant)

Guest Lectures

In other courses and Universities

  1. Wageningen University, NetherlandsSchool of Social Sciences, “Authoritarian Natures? Political Ecologies of Post-Truth, the State and Social Ruptures” (Political Ecology PhD Summer School 2021)
  2. Harvard University, USA – Graduate School of Design, Risk & Resilience Program, “Climate Justice” (Graduate Seminar, Spring 2021)
  3. Georgia Tech University, USA – Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, “Energy, the Environment, and Society” (Advanced Undergraduate Course, Spring 2021)
  4. University of Virginia, USA – School of Architecture, “Climate Justice in Cities: Designing for Systems Change” (Introductory Undergraduate  Course, Winter 2021)
  5. University of Michigan, USA – School for Environment & Sustainability, “Political Ecology I: Environmental Violence” (Graduate Seminar, Fall 2020)
  6. University of Victoria, Canada – Department of Geography, “Critical Geographies Research Lab” (Graduate Seminar) (Spring 2018)
  7. University of Helsinki, Finland – Interdisciplinary workshop on Environmental Vulnerabilities in the Globalizing World (Graduate Course), Helsinki University Centre for Environment (Summer 2016)
  8. Tufts University, USA – Water Policy and Politics (Advanced Undergraduate Course) (Spring 2014)
  9. Syracuse University, USA – IFS Phase IV & V, Executive Education Program, Maxwell School (Summer 2010 & 2011)
  10. Syracuse University, USA – Understanding Capitalism (Undergraduate Course) Women’s and Gender Studies Department (Spring 2010)
  11. University of Cambridge, UK – Social Enterprise and Community Development (Graduate Course), Institute of Continuing Education (Summer 2008)
  12. London School of Economics and Politics (LSE), UK – Urban Environment (Graduate Course), Cities Program (Spring 2008)
  13. Institute for Development Policy and Management (IDPM), University of Manchester, UK – Environment and Development (Graduate Course) (Spring 2006)
  14. University of Minnesota, USA – Honors Seminar: Dams, Security and Conflict over Water (Undergraduate Course), Department of History (Spring 2004)
  15. University of Minnesota, USA – Introduction to Human Geography (Undergraduate Course), Department of Geography (Fall 2002, Spring 2003, Fall 2003, Spring 2004)
  16. University of Minnesota, USA – The Islamic World (Undergraduate Course), Department of Geography (Fall 2002, Spring 2002)

Field Course Photos

Some photos from two field courses: Field Research in Development, field course for Syracuse University MAIR students, Bangladesh, 2010; King’s College London field course, India, 2006

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