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Invited Lectures

Vatican Workshop

Meeting Pop Francis and delivering an invited lecture at the Vatican Workshop on the Human Right to Water, Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican City, 2017

Imagine What’s Next

Keynote speech on Water Justice at Imagine What’s Next (NEXT16), General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, 2016.

Videos of some of my engagements are below. Further videos are available on my YouTube Channel.

Invited Lectures

  1. 2023, European Parliament, Belgium: Plenary Panel Speaker “Understanding the biophysical limits to growth to build an economy that respects planetary boundaries” Beyond Growth 2023 Conference: Pathways towards Sustainable Prosperity in the EU. Brussels, 16 May.
  2. 2023, UN Women, USA: Invited Speaker in Expert Group Meeting: Progress of the World’s Women: Conceptualizing Feminist Climate Justice, United Nations Woman, New York, US, 11-12 July.
  3. 2023, University of Sydney, Australia: Invited Speaker, “Grounded Conversations” Sydney Environmental Institute, Sydney, 30 May.
  4. 2023, Humboldt Universität, Germany: Keynote Speaker “Feminists Decolonizing Climate Politics” International Conference of the Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies (ZtG), Berlin, Germany, 4 May.
  5. 2023, Harvard University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Confronting Climate Coloniality”, Science & Technology in Asia seminar series, Department of the History of Science, Cambridge, MA, 14 March.
  6. 2023, Martin Luther University, Germany: Keynote Speaker, “Decolonizing Climate Coloniality and the Importance of Cultural Praxis”, 19th Conference on Cultural Geographies/ Neue Kulturgeographie (NKG), Halle, Germany, January 26.
  7. 2022, University of Hamburg, Germany: Keynote Speaker, “Confronting Climate Coloniality”, Conference on Climate Coloniality: Mechanisms, Epistemologies, Spaces of Resistance, Hamburg, Germany, November 22–24.
  8. 2022, Development Studies Association, UK: Keynote SpeakerJust sustainable futures and knowledge production, Annual Conference of the Development Studies Association (DSA), London, UK, 8 July.
  9. 2022, Ohio State University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Decolonizing Climate Coloniality”, Department of Geography, Columbus, OH, 16 September. 
  10. 2022, Hamilton College, USA: Invited Speaker, “Confronting Climate Coloniality”, Environmental Studies Program, Clinton, NY, 24 October.
  11. 2022, University of British Columbia, Canada: Inaugural Speaker, “Decolonizing Climate Coloniality” Center for Climate Justice, Vancouver, BC, 27 September. 
  12. 2022, University of Florida, USA: Distinguished Lecture, “Drowned Out: Water, Climate, and Justice” Distinguished Scholar Seminar Series, Water Institute, 14 April.
  13. 2022, SUNY Cortland, USA: Invited Speaker, “Water Politics and Climate Justice”, Clark Center for Global Engagement Speaker Series, Cortland, NY, 13 April.
  14. 2022, Rowan University, USA: 50th Anniversary Speaker, “Urban Climate (in)Justice”, Department of Geography, Planning & Sustainability, Glassboro, NJ, 7 April.
  15. 2022, Women in Academia Network, UK: Keynote Speaker, “Virtually Undisciplined: Diversifying Higher Education and Research through Interconnectivity” Inaugural Conference of the WIASN, 1 April.
  16. 2022, Pulitzer Center, USA: Invited Speaker, “Climate Change and Labor: Media Landscape”, Washington DC, 30 March.
  17. 2022, Virginia Tech University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Climate Justice, Gender, and Challenges in a Fractured World”, Women and Gender in International Development (WGD) Discussion Series, Center for International Research, Education and Development, Blacksburg, VA, 24 March.
  18. 2022, University of Oklahoma, USA: Invited Speaker, “Global Inequities and Climate Change: What a Feminist Climate Justice Approach Teaches Us” Center for Peace and Development, Norman, UK, 21 March.
  19. 2022, Brown University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Critical Climate Justice” Center for Contemporary South Asia (CCSA) Speaker Series, Watson Institute, 18 March. 
  20. 2022, Regional Studies Association, UK: Invited Speaker, “Climate Justice, Water Governance, and Feminist Scholarship” RSA Regions Cities Industry Webinar Series, 14 March. 
  21. 2022, University of Reading, UK: Invited Speaker, “Critical Climate Justice” International Development Seminar Series, 7 March.
  22. 2022, Annual Meeting of the American Association of Geographers, USA: Plenary Lecture, “The Unbearable Heaviness of Climate Coloniality” Political Geography 40th Anniversary Plenary Lecture,  25 February.
  23. 2022, US-Bangladesh Advisory Council, USA: Invited speaker, “Roundtable with new US Ambassador to Bangladesh”, Washington DC, 16 February. 
  24. 2021, Rutgers University, USA: Distinguished Lecture, “The Future of the Environment” Institute for Research on Women (IRW) Distinguished Lecture Series, New Brunswick, NJ, 11 November
  25. 2021, Colby College, USA: Invited Speaker, “Climate Justice in a World of Crises” Environmental Studies Seminar Series, Waterville, ME, 29 October.
  26. 2022, AMP Global Youth: Keynote Speaker, “Power Up for Climate Justice” AMP Global Youth conference, 5 February.
  27. 2022, Invited Speaker: Presidential Panel on Extreme Weather on ‘Integrating Environmental Justice into Extreme Weather Preparedness and Response in Texas and Beyond’ 102nd Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society, Houston, TX, 23-27 January.
  28. 2021, “Feminist climate justice in a world of crises” Radical Climate Justice for the Global Commons, University of California Center for Climate Justice, Santa Barbara, CA, 4-25 October.
  29. 2021, SUNY Geneseo, USA: Annual Presidential Sustainability Lecturer, “Sustainability in a Time of Climate Crisis” Geneseo, NY, 6 October.
  30. 2021, Social Science Research Council (SSRC), USA: Invited Speaker, “Reckoning with Research Methods and Ethics” College and University Fund for the Social Sciences Conference, New York, NY,  4 October.
  31. 2021, Loyola Marymount University, USA: Keynote Speaker, “Feminist climate justice in a world of crises” Climate Change, Justice, and Health Series, Los Angeles, CA,23 September.
  32. 2021, National Intelligence University (NIU) and Environmental Security Working Group (ESWG), USA: Invited Speaker, “Critical Climate Justice”, Annual Environmental Security Summit, Washington, DC, 15 September.
  33. 2021, Royal Geographical Society, UK: Keynote Speaker, “Climate Change in Geographical Research” Climate Change Research Group (CCRG) Annual General Meeting, London, UK, 6 September.
  34. 2021, Building a Community of Practice for Household Water Insecurity (HWISE) Research Coordination Network, USA: Invited Speaker, “Household Water Insecurity and Climate Disruptions”, HWISE NOW Virtual Coffee Hour, 27 July.
  35. 2021, Federal Reserve Board, USA: Invited Speaker, “Critical Climate Justice” Speaker Series of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Washington, DC, 14 July.
  36. 2021, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain: Keynote Speaker, “Climate Change, COVID-19 and the Co-production of Injustices” IV Tarragona International Environmental Law Colloquium, Tarragona, Spain, 15 June.
  37. 2021, Hofstra University, USA: Keynote Speaker, “Why Geography Matters” Induction Ceremony of the Gamma Theta Upsilon Geographical Honor Society, Hempstead, NY, 12 April.
  38. 2021, Colorado State University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Whose Water is it? Environmental Justice and Water Privatization” Center for Environmental Justice & Colorado Water Center, Fort Collins, CO, 19 April.
  39. 2020, Yale University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Ethics and Politics of International Field Research” Yale School of the Environment Community Conversations, New Haven, CT, 2 December.
  40. 2020, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands: Invited Speaker, “Decolonising Europe in International Politics” Amsterdam Centre for European Studies, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2 December.
  41. 2020, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ: Keynote Speaker, “Climate Change, COVID-19 and the Co-production of Injustices: A Feminist Reading of Overlapping Crises” New Zealand Geographical Society Conference, Wellington, NZ, 26 November.
  42. 2020, Inspired Minds, UK: Invited Speaker, “Ten Years to 2030 – What is The Global Starting Point for the Climate Countdown?” World Summit AI, London, UK, 24 November.
  43. 2020, Social Science Research Council (SSRC), USA: Invited Speaker, “Ethics and Praxis of Collaboration in Environmental Research And Beyond” Transregional Planning Grants Development Workshop Series, New York, NY, 16 November.
  44. 2020, Clarkson University, USA: Fourth Annual Distinguished Hopke Lecture, “Global Water Crises and How We Can Envision Just & Sustainable Futures” Institute for Sustainable Environment, Clarkson, NY, 28 October.
  45. 2020, Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland: Invited Speaker, “Intersectionality and Climate justice: Towards an Emancipatory Climate Research Agenda” Center for Climate Justice, Glasgow, Scotland, 30 September.
  46. 2020, Karachi Urban Lab, Pakistan: Invited Speaker, “Climate Change, Cities and Violence in the Time of Covid-19: Perspectives from South Asia” Climate Change and Urban Violence Global Engagement Network (CCUVN), Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Karachi, Pakistan, 24 June.
  47. 2020, Oxford University, UK: Invited Speaker, “Digitising Anti-Racist & Anti-Imperialist Teaching Amidst COVID-19” School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford, UK, 20 April.
  48. 2020, Princeton University, USA: Invited Speaker, Environmental Humanities Lecture, 12 April (Cancelled due to COVID-19)
  49. 2019, Princeton University, USA: Invited Speaker, ‘Drought and Deluge: How Shifts in the Water Cycle Are Impacting the Environment and Society’ Princeton Environmental Forum. Princeton Environmental Institute, Princeton, NJ, 24-25 October.
  50. 2019, Carnegie Mellon University, USA: Keynote Speaker “Human Right to Water and Water Justice” Humanities Center Public Lecture Series, Pittsburg, PA, 25 September.
  51. 2019, University of Toronto, Canada: The Inaugural Keynote Speaker “Decolonizing Development and the Pursuit of Social Justice” Inaugural Lecture for Critical Hope: Acting in a Challenging World, Centre for Critical Development Studies, Scarborough, ON, 14 March.
  52. 2018, Wageningen University, Netherlands: Keynote Speaker “Urban Water Politics: Towards Emancipatory Governance and Social Justice” Exploring Urbanization: Events, Resources And Movements, Wageningen, Netherlands, 18-19 June.
  53. 2018, Cornell University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Critical Questions for Policy Engagement: Accountability, Representation, and Power” and “New Openings and Next Steps: Advancing Science and Policy for Sustainable, Equitable Change” Polson Symposium on Bridging Science and Policy in the Sustainable Development Era, Polson Institute, Ithaca, NY 11 May.
  54. 2018, SUNY-New Paltz, USA: Keynote Speaker, “Decolonizing Academia: On Responsibility, Accountability, and Ethics in Academic Publishing” Whose Free Speech? New Paltz, NY, 20 April.
  55. 2018, University of Kentucky, USA: The Annual Keynote Speaker, “Fluid Citizens: Embodiments and Intersectionalities in Constructing Urban Citizenship Through Water” Dimensions of Political Ecology Annual Conference, Lexington KY, 22-24 February.
  56. 2018, University of Victoria, Canada: Keynote Speaker, Contemporary Controversies: Diversity, Freedom of Speech, and the University. Workshop of the Taskforce on Knowledge and Place in the Humanities, Victoria, Canada, 5-6 February.
  57. 2017, York University, Canada: Invited Speaker, Mediating (Im)Materialities: A Workshop on the Methods and Methodologies of Natural Resource Industries Fieldwork, Faculty of Environmental Studies, Toronto, Canada, December 13-15.
  58. 2017, Rutgers University, USA: The New Geographical Thought Speaker “Politics and Power in Water Governance: Citizenship Struggles of the Urban Poor in the Global South”, Department of Geography, New Brunswick, NJ, 28 April.
  59. 2017, Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican City: Keynote Speaker, “The Human Right to Water, Gender Justice, and Sustainable Development: Exploring Connections and Possibilities” International Workshop ‘Human right to water: An interdisciplinary focus and contributions on the central role of public policies in water and sanitation management’ Casina Pio IV, Vatican City, Italy, 23-24 February.
  60. 2017, Independent University, Bangladesh: Invited Speaker, “Social Dimensions ff Climate Change – Understanding Climate Research More Comprehensively” International Center for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD) Seminar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 14 February.
  61. 2016, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, USA: Keynote Speaker, “Water Justice” Imagine What’s Next (NEXT16), Atlanta, GA, 4-6 November.
  62. 2016, Seba Library, USA: Invited speaker, “Water, Climate Change, and Development in Bangladesh” Atlanta, GA, 5 November.
  63. 2016, State University of New York (SUNY) Oswego, USA: Invited Speaker, “Laboring for Water, Laboring for Life”, Feinberg Family Fund Speaker Series, Oswego, NY, 26 October.
  64. 2016, Pennsylvania State University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Gender and Water”, Gender, Agriculture and Environment Initiative (GAEI) Inaugural Symposium, College of Agricultural Sciences Office of Research and Graduate Education, State College, PA, 6-7 June.
  65. 2016, University of Helsinki, Finland: Keynote Speaker, “Environmental Vulnerabilities in the Globalizing World: How to Adapt and Manage Change?” Helsinki University Centre for Environment, Finland, 9-11 May.
  66. 2015, Turkish Cultural Center, USA: Invited Speaker, “Understanding the Global Water Crisis” Turkish Coffee Night Lecture Series, Syracuse, NY, 19 November.
  67. 2015, University of Wisconsin at Madison, USA: Invited Speaker, “Climate Change and Human Rights: Mitigation, Adaptation and Vulnerable Communities” New Politics of Human Rights, University of Wisconsin Law School, Madison, WI, 5-7 November.
  68. 2015, General Board of Higher Education and Ministry, USA: Invited Speaker, “Ecology” Prophetic Voice and Making Peace: Theological Reflection on United Methodist Collegiate Ministries, Hendricks Chapel, Syracuse, NY, 10-15 August.
  69. 2015, Cornell University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Water and Citizenship: Politics of Development and Democracy in Water Governance in the Global South” Seminar Series, Development Sociology Department, Ithaca, NY, 10 April.
  70. 2015, University of Minnesota, USA: Invited Speaker, “Water Access, Equity and Resilience in the Global South” International Center for the study of Global Change (ICGC) Roundtable, Minneapolis, MN, 3 April.
  71. 2015, Syracuse University, USA: World Water Week Speaker, “The Right to Water and Water Justice”, Syracuse, NY, 26 March.
  72. 2014, Harvard University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Urban water crises, informal settlements, and water for the urban poor” From SAARC to Slums: Urban Water Challenges in South Asia, South Asia Institute Annual Symposium, Cambridge, MA, 24-25 April.
  73. 2014, Tufts University, USA: The World Water Day Speaker, “Gender, Water and Citizenship: Politics of Development and Democracy in Water Governance in the Global South”, Tufts University, Boston, MA, 11 March.
  74. 2013, Middlebury College, USA: Invited Speaker, “Gendering climate, gendering justice” Research Colloquium, Department of Geography, Program in Environmental Studies, Franklin Environmental Center, & Program on Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies, Middlebury, VT, 4 October.
  75. 2013, Clark University, USA: The Keynote Speaker, “Gendering water, earth and sky: Feminist political ecologies of climate change” Nature-Society Geography Workshop, Department of Geography, Worcester, MA, 27 September.
  76. 2013, Vanderbilt University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Climate change as hydro-social change: Rethinking Water Crises in the Global South” Research Colloquium, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Vanderbilt Institute for Energy and the Environment, & Program in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Nashville, TN, 6 September.
  77. 2013, Yale University, USA: Invited Speaker, “The Social Impacts of Changing Water Patterns”, Water: The Looming Crises, Yale Climate & Energy Institute, New Haven, CT, 4-5 April.
  78. 2013, SUNY School of Environmental Sciences and Forestry, USA: Invited Speaker, “Social and Policy implications of Drinking Water Contamination in Asia”, Cross-Disciplinary Seminar in Hydrological and Biogeochemical Processes, SUNY-ESF, Syracuse, NY, 5 February.
  79. 2012, Harvard University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Human Right to Water versus Water Rights: Ownership and Rights as Contested and Negotiated Terms”, The Human Rights to Water & Sanitation: From Theory to Practice, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Cambridge, MA, 7-8 December.
  80. 2012, University of Oklahoma, USA: Invited Speaker, “Gender, Water and the Politics of Development: Rethinking Social Justice and Citizenship in the Global South”, Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, Norman, OK, 17 September.
  81. 2012, Faculty Convocation Speaker: “Making a Difference”, College of Arts and Sciences, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, 13 May.
  82. 2012, The Transatlantic Academy, USA: Invited Speaker, “Climate Change and Water Management: Policy Options for the Future” Climate, Resource Security, and the Struggle for Water and Land, Washington, D.C., 12 January.
  83. 2011, University of Maryland at Baltimore, USA: The Fourth Annual Joan S. Korenman Lecture Speaker, “Negotiating Contaminated Identities: Gender, Water, and Development in Altered Waterscapes” Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, Baltimore, MD, 16 March.
  84. 2010, University of Bristol, UK: Keynote Speaker, “Negotiating Rights, Experiencing Development, Managing Water: Gender-Water-Development Nexus in a Changing World” ESRC Workshop on Feminism and Futurity: New Times, New Spaces, Department of Geography, Bristol, UK, 3 December.
  85. 2010, Royal Holloway, University of London, UK: Invited Speaker, “Contaminated Identities, Polluted Waters, and Disrupted Development” Research Seminar Series, Geography Department, Egham, UK, 30 November.
  86. 2010, University of Minnesota, USA: Plenary Speaker “Water Struggles in a Changing World” International Research Workshop on Struggling for water: Dams, Pipes and Urban-Rural Transformations in the Global South, Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change (ICGC), Minneapolis, MN, 14-15 November.
  87. 2010, University of Delaware, USA: Invited Speaker, “Poisoned Waters: The Making and Unmaking of a Public Health Success Story in Bangladesh” Research Seminar Series, Departments of Geography, Geology, Women’s Studies, & Delaware Environment Institute, Newark, DL, 23 September.
  88. 2010, University of Buffalo, USA: Keynote Speaker, “Gendered Waters: Negotiating and Experiencing the Contradictions of Nature and Society in the Development Process” Gender Across Borders IV: Gender and Globalisms Conference, Buffalo, NY, 2-3 April.
  89. 2010, Colgate University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Watery Worlds: Power, Politics and Socio-ecological Transformations in South Asia” Brown Bag Lecture Series, Environmental Studies Program, Hamilton, NY, 5 March.
  90. 2009, University of Vermont, USA: Invited Speaker, “Gender, Participation and Community: Rethinking Development in Contentious Waterscapes” Research Seminar Series, Departments of Geography, Global Studies, & Women’s Studies, Burlington, VT, 1 December.
  91. 2009, Cornell University, USA: Invited Speaker, “Of Purity and Pollution: Watery Geographies of Development in the Bengal Delta” South Asia Program Lecture Series, Ithaca, NY, 2 November.
  92. 2009, International Center of Syracuse, USA: Invited Speaker, “Dammed Rivers, Damned Lives: Water and Politics in South Asia” Global Lecture Series, Syracuse, NY, 16 October.
  93. 2009, Community Folk Art Center of Syracuse, USA: Invited Speaker, “Brick Lane: A Transnational Feminist Critique” Film Critique and Discussion, Syracuse, NY, 14 March.
  94. 2008, Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey: Invited Speaker, “Transboundary River Disputes and Implications for Sustainable Development: The Case of the Ganges River in South Asia” International Seminar Series, Department of International Relations, Istanbul, Turkey, 5 May.
  95. 2008, Action Against Hunger, UK: Invited Speaker, “Water and HIV: Working for Positive Solutions” World Water Day Seminar, Action Against Hunger & King’s College London, London, UK, 19 March.
  96. 2007, Tropical Agriculture Association, UK: Invited Speaker, “Social Dynamics of Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water: Issues for Policymakers” Arsenic Seminar, London, UK, 24 October.
  97. 2007, Royal Geographical Society, UK: Plenary Speaker, “Sustainability: A Post-Mortem?” Annual Conference of the Royal Geographical Society & Institute of British Geographers, London, UK, 31 August.
  98. 2007, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh: Invited Speaker, “Development and Wellbeing” Discussion Seminar, Department of Sociology, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 7 July.
  99. 2006, University of Manchester, UK: Invited Speaker, “Political Ecology of Water: Gender, Arsenic, and Development in Bangladesh” Research Seminar Series, Department of Geography, Manchester, UK, 10 May.
  100. 2006, University of Oxford, UK: Invited Speaker, “Watery Discourses: Community and Participation in Water Resources Management” Research Seminar Series, Oxford Centre for Water Research, Oxford, UK, 26 April.
  101. 2005, Rotary International, Bangladesh: Invited Speaker, “Water and Development” Speaker Series, Rotary Club of Dhaka Central, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 14 June.
  102. 2002, University of Minnesota, USA: Invited Speaker, “Working in the Field: Perspectives from Managing the Largest Environment Program of UNDP in Bangladesh” MacArthur Brown Bag Research Seminar Series, Minneapolis, MN, 21 February.
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