Feminist climate justice in a world of crises

Check out my talk on “Feminist climate justice in a world of crises” at the online global conference Radical Climate Justice for the Global Commons, hosted by the University of California Center for Climate Justice, Santa Barbara, CA between 4-25 October:

Progress report in Political Ecology II: Conjunctures, crises, and critical publics

New invited article just published in the prestigious journal Progress in Human Geography! Check it out at: The PDF is also accessible here:

Podcast: Resources, Populations and the Global Environment: A Case Study in Water

Check out the EcoPolitics Podcast where I talk about the human right to water, water privatization, environmental justice, and why decolonizing knowledge and expertise are critically important:

‘What Does Progress Mean to You?’

I was interviewed by MIT Technology Review on their issue on Progress. Check out my interview here!

US election: Climate experts react to Joe Biden’s victory

Check out the article by Climate Desk containing interviews with several global experts on what the Biden victory means for climate work internationally. My interview addressed a range of issues. Read more here!

Here’s How Scientists Want Biden to Take on Climate Change

Check out my interview with Scientific American on what a Biden presidency could mean for climate change and climate justice!

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