April 2022

The Unbearable Heaviness of Climate Coloniality

Check out my latest publication which is the invited paper for the 40th anniversary of the journal Political Geography: The Unbearable Heaviness of Climate Coloniality. Video of the 2022 AAG conference where I delivered the Plenary Lecture on the paper is here: https://youtu.be/J3XHf1bmhlA

Pulitzer Center Launches Your Work/Environment Initiative

Check out the Pulitzer Center webinar where I spoke about climate change and labor. I was an expert consultant for the launch of the Your Work/Environment Initiative: https://pulitzercenter.org/blog/pulitzer-center-launches-your-workenvironment-initiative?utm_medium=PANTHEON_STRIPPED&utm_source=PANTHEON_STRIPPED&utm_campaign=PANTHEON_STRIPPED

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